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Performance Training
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Strength – Conditioning – Speed Training – Injury Prevention – Performance Recovery
About us
VEX Sports Performance offers the only speed training that can apply resistance to the glutes, quads, calfs, and hip flexors at the same time whle sprinting. Increase your first-step quickness with maximum power & explosiveness. VEX Sports Performance has developed a training program that will help you increase & maintain your overall top-end speed. By targeting explosive leg power & arm swing velocity, we will increase your vertical lift component, while you gain unmatched power & speed that gives you a competitive advantage for any sport.
What is VEX Power? It’s our exclusive method of training that gives you pure power, speed, and velocity. We guarantee that you will be faster, increase explosiveness, vertical arm & foot speed; build muscle in your calfs, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, and core. These are the main power components that are needed to increase your vertical power and total speed.
We have developed the VEX Power program by using the Vertimax trainer and our exclusive training method that has been designed to increase the athlete’s overall performance for any sport. With VEX Power, you will get introdutions on proper running form and technique. You will increase your overall speed at a high velocity, and the ability to maintain your top-end speed. We develop speed, velocity, and explosiveness, no matter the sport, whether it’s football, soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, track & field, basketball, lacrosse, swimming, tennis, and more.


Private Training (45min)

$35.00 per session

$45.00 per session (includes VEX Power)

Team and Group (45min)

$25.00 ea. per session (5-8 participants)

$40.00 ea. (includes VEX Power)

$20 ea. per session (9-12 participants)

$35 ea. (includes VEX Power)

VEX Power Only Training

$30 Individual (30min session)

$20 ea. Team Group 5-7  participants (30-45min session)

Facility Rental

Schedule and host an event at our space/facility.

$75.00 / HR

Contact us to get your spot on our calendar

Camps & Clinics

Enroll your children in one of our Camps & Clinics at VEX Sports!

• Boys & Girls 7-18 years of age

• Speed & Agility

• Running Form & Technique

• Conditioning

• Overall Athletic Performance

• And Much More!

Please refer to our calendar for upcoming events, as well as our Camps & Clinics. 


Proper recovery is the missing link to enhance training, minimize injury, and optimize performance.

• Reduced pain & inflamation

•Decreased fatigue

• Decreased muscle soreness

• Psychological competitive edge

• Decreased recovery time

• Increased blood & lymph circulation

• Boosted immune system

Compression Recovery

Recovery boots, hips, shoulders

$15.00 – 20min (legs only)

$25.00 – 20min (legs, hips, shoulders)

Massage Tables

Hydrology / Mechanical

$10.00 – 10min

Hyperbaric Chamber

Full Body Recovery

$50.00 – 30min

$90.00 – 60min

Muscle Stem

Targeted Points

$8.00 – 20min

Hyper Ice & Theragun

Increase Blood Flow


*Packages are available, please contact us for pricing!

Yoga & Professional Stretching


Yoga is the perfect addition to your training and workout routine for you to enhance physical performance, increase flexibility, prevent injury, improve balance, and increase stamina.

• All Experience Levels Yoga

• Power Yoga

• Wine & Yoga

View our weekly classes on our calendar

Want proven results? Ok… then look nowhere else! The proof will be on display after you put that work in at VEX Sports! I’m a witness to the athletic growth and accomplishments of my son, and many other athletes VEX Sports athletes… thousands of others have been witness too… and now you know the secret! Ervin Pearson